5 Spiritual Meanings When You See a Hummingbird

Although you can claim to be not spiritually connected, seeing the cute little hummingbird could be a truly magical experience, that’s why no wonder this bird is always associated with something good with deeper symbolism that something that’s small can still be meaningful. 

The hummingbird is known to be the fast-flying bird that’s always “hovering” when taking nectars from the flowers. This “invisible wings” phenomenon is caused by how fast the bird flies. Our eyes can’t even keep up with it.

In this article, we’ll talk about the meaning of dreams about birds and, most importantly, what is the spiritual meaning when you see a hummingbird in reality or in those dreams.

A Little Bit About Hummingbirds

There are those who dream about hummingbirds, then open the “dictionary” out of curiosity about the meaning and explanation, although the result is often not satisfactory. Well, for those who dream about hummingbirds or see them in real life but don’t get a satisfactory answer about their meaning and significance, this article can be used as a solution.

In this article, we will explain some of the meanings of dreams about or related to hummingbirds, birds that usually have striking colors. Previously, please note that hummingbirds are small birds that spend their time flying from one flower to another in search of nectar. Hummingbirds measure between 3-5 inches.

With more than 350 species, the hummingbird originated 22 million years ago in South America, migrating to Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean in the colder months.

Many believe the hummingbird symbolizes luck, beauty, agility, healing, and flirtation. Hummingbirds also symbolize sweetness, toughness, the presence of loved ones who have died, and are even said to be spiritual messengers.

As a symbol of good luck, the hummingbird is a reminder that life can be sweet once we let go of toxins and embrace new experiences.

The Dreams of Seeing Birds

Dream of Seeing Hummingbirds

If you’re ever dreaming about one or more hummingbirds that are approaching you, that means you have to make a solid commitment in your relationship. Take a deep breath, and make a huge leap in your relationship. However, it’s best for you to get clarity from vetted professional psychics. Contact the ones near you. Make sure they are also reputable as well, so the results won’t be too different from reality.

If you’re holding a hummingbird in your dreams, it simply means that a good thing will happen to you. The universe is giving you the green light for what’s the good thing that’s coming to your life. It could be both unpredictable and predictable.

Dream of Seeing Beautiful Feathered Birds

If you ever see a bird that has beautiful feathers, then good things will come to you. Because if you are single and maybe get married in the near future, then your marriage will be meaningful and very happy.

Dream of Seeing a Peacock

Ever dreamed of seeing a peacock? Peacocks have very beautiful feathers. The dream of seeing a peacock can be a good sign for you because this dream signifies that you will get help from those closest to you.

Dream of Seeing Pigeons

Pigeons are also very beautiful birds. If you’ve ever dreamed of it, then happy you are; this dream has two different meanings. If you are single, you will be reunited with a partner. Then, if you are married, you will get sweet harmony in the family.

Dream of Catching Birds

Ever dreamed of catching birds? This one dream signifies happiness and tranquility in the life you are experiencing. This hummingbird dream means that what you aspire to will soon come true if you try and always pray. This one dream also brings good news for those of you who dream it. This dream is often associated with luck that will come your way.

The Spiritual Meanings When You See a Hummingbird

  1. Bringer of good news. Seeing a hummingbird could mean that something good will happen to you. It’s usually unpredictable, so best prepare yourself for what’s to come.
  2. Live your life to the fullest. A coming hummingbird could be a sign and reminder for you to love your life in the best way you want and can. Life is short, so don’t waste it away.
  3. Sign to start a more serious relationship. The hummingbird is also often considered to be an icon of love. So, when a hummingbird is coming to you, it can be a sign for you to finally start a serious relationship.
  4. Grasp the opportunity. As hummingbirds are considered to be animals that are easy to adapt to with their surroundings, you should do the same thing as well. Don’t let opportunities slip out of your hands.
  5. Be brave and confident. A hummingbird plays a vital role in flower pollination. So, don’t ever think small about yourself. You have chances and opportunities to always grow.

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