Beautify the Eternal Bond of Love with Coloured Spiritual Gemstones

Coloured gemstones have always been associated with deep human emotions since time immemorial. Especially, the choice of gemstone for engagement rings has always been the prerogative of a man who wants to make his love eternal with deep emotions. For bridal jewellery, coloured gemstones represent eternal love.

However, the options are endless when it comes to choosing a coloured gemstone for engagement or wedding rings. The customer can choose from an array of gemstones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls among others.

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Coloured Gemstones’ Unique Spiritual connection

Coloured gemstones are considered to be powerful in their energy which is transmitted through the wearer’s aura that in turn profoundly affects the wearer in a positive manner.

Coloured gemstones help healers, in particular, to stimulate or awaken higher chakras for self-healing and temple healing. Each coloured gemstone possesses its own unique energy which can be transmuted into healing energy when worn by a healer.

Also, it has been proven that gemstones can cut across all boundaries of age, sex, and creeds because they have the power to transform the wearer’s overall being. 

The choice of gemstone for engagement rings is therefore left upon the client to choose what he or she feels is most attractive and appealing to them.

Which Colored Gemstones Should You Choose for Your Eternal Bond of Love?

The most popular choices for coloured gemstones in engagement rings include:

Rose Quartz

This is the stone of universal love and peace. This colorless gemstone, which is found in South Africa and Brazil, has acquired a heart-shaped cut over the years as it offers high purity. It helps to promote self-love and forgiveness among other things.

The Healing Powers of Rose Quartz:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Offers hope and optimism to the wearer

Helps you become more patient, loving, and tolerant towards others. It helps in self-acceptance. Rose Quartz is pinkish-red in colour with a vitreous luster.

Rose Quartz helps us to heal our life issues by giving unconditional love to ourselves. This encourages us to accept and forgive our own flaws. 

Carry a piece of Rose Quartz when you want to meditate and remain calm in stressful periods of your life. Use this stone to attract real love into your life and turn up the passion in long-term relationships.

Rose Quartz helps in treating lactose intolerance, heartburns, severe acne, depression, diarrhea, and insomnia.


With its intense, fiery red colour, ruby symbolizes deep passion and love and is usually gifted as a token of commitment to the beloved. 

This is the stone of sincerity and good fortune. It represents self-love, passionate love, and commitment. The red colour symbolizes passion and energy while the black flecks represent physical health in the wearer’s life. 

The Healing Powers of Ruby:

  • Will help you turn anger into patience
  • Brings contentment and happiness to your life

Carry a piece of Ruby if you want to be blessed with financial wellness, abundance, and prosperity. Use this stone to attract new love into your life and turn up the passion in long-term relationships

Helps treat asthma, coughs, colds, depression, skin inflammations, and redness on eyelids. It is beneficial for issues related to the liver, kidneys, and heart.

Ruby is associated with the root or base chakra. It is helpful in treating anemia and skin disorders such as acne and boils.


This is the stone of success and prosperity. It helps in attracting abundance into your life while promoting financial wellness, harmony, and balance in relationships. Emeralds are associated with ‘mercury’, a planet which rules communication, self-expression, intuition, and rapid decision making among other things. 

The Healing Powers of Emerald:

  • Reduces emotional stress
  • Heals emotional wounds help release deep-seated hurt, resentment, and anger

Emerald is associated with the heart or fourth chakra. It helps in treating depression, fevers, and anxiety. Emeralds are green gems found in Brazil, Columbia, Zambia, and the USA. They are also green in colour with a greasy luster.

Emeralds can increase your self-esteem; promote love within relationships while keeping you faithful to your partner. It helps remove loneliness from your life and enables you to move forward in a more constructive manner. This stone is a powerful mental healer, especially when it comes to healing emotional wounds from the past.

Yellow Sapphire

For love and deep contentment, this stone is a great option. Yellow Sapphires are associated with the planet ‘Venus’, which rules love, relationships, and money. 

This is the stone of intellectual, emotional, and physical balance. It represents a person who is honest, kind, and truthful in all matters. The yellow colour represents communication with others while mental clarity and compassion for one’s own self. 

The Healing Powers of Yellow Sapphire:

  • Promotes good health (physical as well as mental), understanding, and peace of mind
  • Brings cheerfulness, happiness, and success to the wearer

The stone fosters self-assurance, integrity, and faith in oneself. It also helps improve fertility issues while increasing sex drive for men 

Yellow sapphire is associated with the solar plexus chakra which is responsible for our personal power, courage, and strength. It helps in treating depression, nervous disorders, and skin inflammations. It can also lower blood pressure if worn on the appropriate finger/hand chakra during the appropriate phase of the Moon.

Yellow Sapphire is a colourless variety of corundum with yellow tinges to it. These are generally found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Burma, etc.

Where to Find High Quality Coloured Gemstones:

There are many varieties of coloured gemstones and it is important to find a reputed and reliable dealer who has been in the industry for some time. A trustworthy dealer should be able to provide you with details such as the gemstone’s chemical composition, depth of colour, luster, etc. 

An experienced gemstone seller like GemPundit will often know if a stone is dyed or treated. For example, Rubies are often heated to enhance their colour – this may be detected through a refractive index test. You can also ask for a free lab certificate to authenticate the gemstone you’re buying. 

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