Tarot and Love: How Tarot Cards Can Help You Navigate Your Relationships

Are you looking for direction and clarity in your romantic relationships? Have you ever given tarot cards the thought of becoming a relationship guide? Tarot cards are a useful tool when it comes to matters of the heart and have been used for centuries to gain insight and offer guidance. In this article, we’ll look […]

5 Spiritual Meanings When You See a Hummingbird

Although you can claim to be not spiritually connected, seeing the cute little hummingbird could be a truly magical experience, that’s why no wonder this bird is always associated with something good with deeper symbolism that something that’s small can still be meaningful.  The hummingbird is known to be the fast-flying bird that’s always “hovering” […]

Beautify the Eternal Bond of Love with Coloured Spiritual Gemstones

Coloured gemstones have always been associated with deep human emotions since time immemorial. Especially, the choice of gemstone for engagement rings has always been the prerogative of a man who wants to make his love eternal with deep emotions. For bridal jewellery, coloured gemstones represent eternal love. However, the options are endless when it comes […]

Spiritual meaning of butterfly

Butterflies are believed to have a spiritual connection with human beings like us. Depending on which types of butterflies you see, there will be a different meaning related. Butterflies are considered so special because of their natural characteristics. The transformation of a butterfly from the egg  to the caterpillar to the chrysalis to the beautiful […]

Seeing a Shooting Star/Falling Star Spiritual Meaning

Humans have been mesmerized by shooting stars for ages. These beautiful flashing lights are not stars at all! These shooting or falling stars are meteoroids that are made up of rocks and dust that occasionally enter our atmosphere. Once the meteoroid enters our atmosphere their particles heat up leaving a bright light as it travels […]

What does a blue aura mean spiritually?

Aura colours are caused by vibrations surrounding physical bodies. Aura colors are only visible to a minority of people. The aura wheel consists of several colours including red, orange, blue, purple, yellow, green, violet, and indigo. Auras are the unique energy fields that surround all living organisms. Most people cannot see them with the naked […]

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