What does the judgment card mean in a love tarot reading

General representation: time for self-reflection and actions’ evaluation When it comes to a love tarot reading, the upright Judgement card may suggest a danger that you and your partner are not fully appreciating one another even if you both consider your relationship as important. You can overcome this threat by being open to each other. […]

What does the lovers card mean in a love tarot reading

General representation: strong relationship / major crossroads that need hard choices As to love and relationships, The Lovers card in upright position denotes perfection, unity, and passion. In a love tarot reading it could mean that you and your better half are soulmates. The relationship you have is rooted in deep and sincere love and […]


The most influential part of tarot reading starts in structuring the questions. Asking the appropriate question makes the reading productive and insightful, and this can guide the client towards knowing their dreams and aspirations. A badly-phrased question often results in confusing or depressing scenarios. Here are some tips in crafting tarot questions: Ask open-ended questions […]

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