Celtic cross tarot card reading


The Celtic Cross, one of the most widely used Tarot card sets, has ten cards. Six of these form the cross, right in front of the reader, while the other four are vertically placed on the right hand of the reader. Other versions are up to 13, and the layout is somewhat different from reader to reader.

The first card is placed down in the middle of the cross, and more slowly proceed before the divination is complete. The card is called the significator. Next is the crossing, horizontally positioned above the signifier; this is the interpret dispute symbol. The sixth, the base, is vertically beneath the cross and is nearest to the viewer.

The fourth one, the left “arm” of a cross, stands for the past. Fourth, which shows the alternate possibilities of the problem, is based above the circle. Card number six, on the left of our circle, in the foreseeable future and completes the right-hand side of a plus (+) sign, indicating that it’s called.

The last four spread in that Tarot card is vertically placed to the right of the first six. The reader begins closest and leaves them. The seventh barrier is the barrier, and the influence indicator on the situation is followed. The ninth one is synonymous with fears about the situation and the tenth, and the last one reveals the final result.

Probably one of the oldest methods for reading tarot cards is the Celtic cross tarot card dispense. It survived as a simple and powerful propagation and as a consequence of its continued use, the intense energy that builds up around it.

The Celtic Crosses from Ireland and can also be referred to as the circle, emulated in the cross-section. The Cross and the Circle signify that all events unite spirit and matter.

In the circular section, there is a feminine energy that works in harmony with the male energy of the personnel. These two parts illustrate the duality of the polarities in the human psyche. The cross-section is split into two crosses, which is the main cross made up of two cards that are enclosed in a wider six-card cross. The smaller cross represents the core of the question and what is most important for the recipient when reading. It’s actually the hub that turns the wheel of life around.

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