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Hundreds of thousands of individuals today visits tarot readers daily to get a free latin tarot reading to find guidance or advice on the challenges they encounter in their day to day lives. This is because we ignore the large majority of the information we receive with all our other senses. With sight, most information is not dismissed as background noise while our minds quickly forget sounds, smells and feelings that are not important to our minds.

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History of Latin Tarot Reading

Since the advent of literature, it’s recorded the potential for individuals to recognize the unpredictable and anticipate the unforeseeable. The pictograms of the arts of divination revealed the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia approximately 3000 years before Christ was born. The Mesopotamians wrote all the gathered knowledge of divinatory arts on clay tablets in cuneiform over the next few centuries. This tells us that human beings have recognized for at least 5000 years that there are people with special talents who allow them to learn more than what information they can get. The human race has been fascinated by knowledge of the future and contact with the departed for at least 5000 years.

Oracles, before making decisions that would affect the course of history, have been consulted for thousands of years by city and nation leaders. First, they openly and secretly did it, as the arts of divination were constantly being stigmatized. Alexander the great spoke to astrologers and seers. In early Christian texts, the Latin word meaning to look beyond and be allowed to know by divinity was not as heretical practices, but as acts of ‘divine.’ Not until much later did priests of the same religion render the same arts.

Latin tarot reading helps investigators solve cases!

Today, representatives have abandoned consulting with psychics and oracles and endured much greater criticism for having unorthodox views. Despite stigma and scepticism, however, the worldwide police agencies recognize that psychics provide valuable tips on cold cases and have sometimes recruited psychics to help them investigate cases that prove to be unsolvable.

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