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Since they started offering their services in 1999, Keen was able to build an excellent reputation in helping clients find the psychics that best fit their needs. Even though the company does not have a rigid selection process for their psychics like the other sites have, they still manage to provide excellent services to the customers with their nice rating feature. With their years of experience and thousands of readings done, nobody can argue that they are one of the most competent psychic service providers on the net nowadays. They are also trusted by many because they offer their services efficiently and with no hidden or extra charges.

Keens’s Psychics

The psychics available for booking at Keen are all independent contractors, which is typical for these kinds of sites. This is also the reason why Keen only conducts a limited amount of vetting when it comes to their psychics. The most helpful way to find the most competent psychic in this site is to check the user reviews and look for one with a good reputation. Keen has an efficient mechanism in rating the client’s experience with their chosen psychic. Once the review is submitted, the information provided is used to give an overall rating to the given psychic.

Keen’s Services and Psychics Types

This company offers all of the most typical forms of psychic services, such as full psychic readings, tarot readings, psychic mediums, as well as spiritual readings. Parts of these readings will highlight love and relationship matters or other particular questions that the client may have about life in general or in detail. Some of their psychics have the ability to do more specialized readings, but finding them is hard, and scheduling them at a time convenient to you may even be harder.

Online psychic services since 1999 Check out Keen’s website and see for yourself how their psychics can help you with your divination needs.

Keen’s Prices and Rates

The rates for the services in this site are all set by each of the individual psychics. The first three minutes of your call with your chosen psychic is free, while the fourth and succeeding minutes can range from 1.50 dollars to 30 or more dollars per minute. Psychics that are popular with many and have many good reviews may be very costly, and it may be difficult to afford their services, especially if you will be talking to them for twenty minutes or more. Taking the time to check out each psychic’s reviews and price range can help you in finding great deals.

Customer Support

You can reach Keen’s customer service during regular business hours, which is from 8 am to 5 pm, Pacific time. You can either give them a phone call or send them an online inquiry. Refund requests are also possible through their refund online form. If you have further questions or queries after their operating hours, you can go to their website and read through their comprehensive and easy to follow knowledge base.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The confidentiality offered by Keen is quite unclear. Their reputation for keeping all conversations private and information discussed during the reading confidential is excellent. Still, if you look closely at their privacy policy, there is a statement that says they share clients’ information in particular situations like username and personal data to be used for commercial or marketing activities. It is actually the standard privacy policy for websites gathering personal data, but most customers will want to have added assurances that the personal and sensitive matters they discuss with a psychic will not be shared with anyone else.


Keen is indeed a good website where you can find competent psychics. They’ve been providing psychic services to the public for more than 20 twenty years. Even though it would be better and reassuring of they will clarify their privacy policies, it is evident that they are not sharing customers’ data for no valid reason. Check out Keen’s website and see for yourself how their psychics can help you with your divination needs.

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