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Five minutes free on your first reading and readings as low as $ .99 per minute. Best Psychics Online and services are available 24/7.


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Founded in 2020, MysticSense offers multitalented psychic mediums services 24 hours a day,
accommodating all time zones. The website allows for easy navigation where clients can specify
pricing, which tools they would like used for their psychic reading, and daily horoscopes and
educational articles are included for reading enjoyment.

Prices and Fees

Prices for Mysticsense psychic online readings vary and services start at just $.99 per minute.
No matter what your budget is, Mysticsense has a psychic that is affordable for you to get an
inexpensive or a cheap psychic reading you need.

Trusted Psychics , Real & Accurate Answers Register and get $ .99 per minute

About MysticSense Psychics

Hundreds of psychics team up through Mysticsense to provide you the top quality readings in
the industry. Each psychic is interviewed and screened for accuracy and excellent customer
service skills by the leaders at Mysticsense to assure there are only the highest skilled readers
waiting to assist you.

Types of Tools Used

Divination tools used range from tarot and oracle cards to pendulums and face reading.
Astrology, Reiki, crystal ball scrying, crystals, dream interpretation, Runes, and dowsing are
used by some readers, and some even read without tools, relying solely on their natural intuitive

What Kinds of Readings Can I Get from MysticSense?

Spiritual readings as well as life readings are available, and some readers act as counselors
while others give overviews about personality and your personal path. You can select if you
want a more compassionate or more direct reader, and if you prefer a wise, thoughtful, or more
expressive reader.

Ways To Get a Reading

Phone Psychic Reading
If your psychic of choice is not available for a phone call, you can send a message to get a call
back from them at both of your conveniences. Phone readings provide quick sessions with
immediate answers, and the soothing sound of your phone psychics voice will reassure and
comfort you.

Chat Psychic Reading
Chat and text readings give maximum privacy as chat psychics are quiet nobody can hear you
speaking with them. This is an excellent option for hard of hearing or deaf clients, and you can
get this reading anytime your favorite psychic is available.

Video Call Psychic Reading
The closest thing to a face-to-face reading is a video chat reading and you can hear your
psychic and see them as well. This can be done without leaving home, and even on a break
from work in your car or from the comfort of your patio or back yard.

Why Choose MysticSense?

The unlimited options for times, costs, and ways to get a reading as well as how many different
psychics you have to choose from makes getting a reading at MysticSense an excellent choice
for you. More expensive psychics and cheap psychics are available to accommodate every
budget, and the intensive screening process as well as the reviews available make selecting a
psychic you can trust easy and stress free. You can’t go wrong choosing an advisor from

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