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As low as $1 per minute - 325 + psychics, 30 Years in the industry

Psychic Source

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Many consider Psychic Source as the front-runner in the online psychic reading world. With more than 30 years of existence, they have made thousands of psychic customers satisfied and happy. This particular company performs an excellent job in screening psychics before they allow them to work on their site. So, the customers are assured that the readings they get are only coming from trusted professionals. With Psychic Source’s 325 competent spiritual readers, you’ll be able to find someone who can help you with all your psychic needs.


The psychics that are available through Psychic Source‘s network are the industry’s best. All spiritual readers who want to be part of the company’s roster need to pass a rigorous vetting process where they answer various questions about their abilities, experiences, and other relevant information. Moreover, the psychics need to sustain a high client satisfaction rating if they want to keep working with Psychic Source.

The company’s psychics offer their services 24/7, so the customers can choose their preferred psychics and schedule a reading with them whenever they want. For those who need it, some psychics on the site are also bi-lingual.

Psychics are available 24/7 First 3 minutes free + $0.66/minute reading

Services and Psychic Types

With Psychic Source, you can select the specific service you need based on your current situation. Since the company has hundreds of psychics working for them, it will be easy for you to find an available spiritual reader that can cater to your concern. They have love psychics, clairvoyants, tarot card readers, mediums, angel card reading psychics, and many more.

Prices and Rates

The psychics’ rates in Psychic Source are very competitive and affordable, considering the high-quality readings that you will get. If you only need a 10-minute reading, it will cost you $10. But if you need more time, a 20-minute reading costs $15 while you need to pay $19.80 for a 30-minute reading. The good thing with Psychic Source is that the first 3 minutes of any reading is free, that means your brief ‘introductory’ time with your chosen psychic will not cost you a thing. If you decide to have a 30-minute reading, you are only paying $.66 for every minute, which is an excellent price compared to the industry’s average.

Customer Support

If ever you will encounter trouble or concerns with your psychic reading, you can talk to the company’s customer service agents. You can communicate with them through a live chat that is available 24/7, a phone call, or an email. To help you further, you can browse the Psychic Source’s FAQ  page for any other questions that you have.

Privacy and Confidentiality

This company is very much aware that their customers often talk about personal and sensitive matters with their psychics. That’s why Psychic Source takes privacy seriously by ensuring that all conversations with their psychics are kept confidential. The only exceptions are when legal matters require the information, and when there is an imminent danger or harm to the customer or others. The interactions between a client and a psychic are recorded for quality control purposes, but when it comes to keeping sensitive discussions private, you are assured that Psychic Source has a flawless reputation.


If you are considering getting your first online psychic reading, you can never go wrong with Psychic Resource. They are highly respected and recognized in the industry and have 30 years of competent experience in the field. Finding a spiritual reader that you can be comfortable with is easier with them as they offer hundreds of psychics on their website. Whatever psychic service you may need, you’ll surely find it with Psychic Source.

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