What Does the Moon Card Mean?


The moon card is one of the major cards in the tarot decks. In the background of the card you can see 2 standing towers along with a dog and a wolf in front , standing on separate sides.   If the moon appears as one of the last cards in your reading, it indicates that your soul’s journey is coming to an end. If the tarot card reader draws a moon card, it is a sign and invitation to isolate yourself from distractions and turn into your inner world  for a long journey of discovery. You may have many unanswered questions in mind, and the answers you are looking for are inside you.  To find answers, You just need to focus on your inner world and isolate yourself from outside distractions. The moon card may also be telling you not to let your fears interrupt your life goals. 

Meaning of Reversed Moon Tarot Card

The reversed moon card can be an indication of the imbalance in your life. It may also be a suggestion for you to seek assistance from a professional or a loved one around you. 

What does the moon tarot card mean in love?

The moon card is a strong indication of new decisions,new paths, or a desire for change. If your partner is not willing to change you could decide separating.   If you are not in a relationship but have strong interest in somebody, watch out.  Your interest may have a secret agenda.


You may be experiencing some difficulties with your coworkers at your workplace, try to communicate with them. Clarifying things may be difficult sometimes but it is essential to find the balance in your career.

If you are currently unemployed, do not feel lost. Always try to explore new opportunities. You will eventually find something that fits you. 


This may be an indication of an unhealthy mental state . Speaking to a health professional or a loved one can turn things around.

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