Yes or no Tarot card reading

A tarot reader can contest the tarot cards in a variety of ways. When the problem is yes/no, the easiest condition occurs. The tarot reader can then take a simple throw of one or three cards. The easiest way to get a Yes / No question to the tarot cards is to throw a tarot card and, if they land straight, the answer is yes. There should, however, be some more effort to ensure a more accurate and helpful response.

The Chariot Tarot card contains the two sphinxes that are driving a person sitting in a vehicle. One is black, and another one is white. This card generally represents the influence, ambition, willpower, control, focus, and hard work.

The Chariot Card Upright Meaning
The Chariot card in the upright position signifies success and willpower. It suggests that besides the regular obstacles of life, you need to stay focused in order to be successful. With that, it also signals for traveling. If you’re a sportsperson, it is a signal for winning your next match.

The Chariot Card Upright Meaning in Love
If your relationship is going through a rough phase, this card suggests you and your partner should come together and conquer the emotions to make your relationship work. If you’re a single person, the card indicates that you need to move ahead in life, leaving the past bad experiences behind.

The Chariot Card Upright Meaning in Career
Stay ambitioned even though you feel stuck in your career or business. This card indicates that you should clear your mind and stay focused at work which would ultimately help you to reach your destination. It also suggests staying away from any kind of workplace politics and fights.

The Chariot Card Upright Meaning in Money
If you’re facing money obstacles, but don’t worry more as they are about to leave. All you need is to stay focused and deal with them calmly. Don’t lose your self-discipline in the process. And if you’re not having a money problem. This card signifies making better investment choices now for a safe future.

The Chariot Card Reversed Meaning
The Chariot card in reverse position signifies the lack of direction, powerlessness, aggression, and obstacles. If you’re losing focus or feeling stuck, this card will help signals making the right decisions.

The Chariot Card Reversed meaning in Love.
Just lost a relationship or failing to make your relationship work? The Chariot card in reverse position indicates that you should stop feeling overwhelmed as you cannot control everything in life. Stay patient and let things settle themselves if you’re single or desperately finding someone for a relationship, this card signals to stay patient and let love find you.

The Chariot Card Reversed Meaning in Career
Are you trying to beat the odds and working much aggressively? This card suggests to stop that and take one step at a time, or you’ll face failure in your career or business.

The Chariot Card Reversed Meaning in Money
Thinking of investing some money to get quick gains, you need to slow down a bit. As this card suggests, these fast investments could cause financial losses. So, consider doing research and make the wise investments.

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  1. First of all, if you use rectangular cards which are only upright or reversed, the one-card method works differently. This tarot reading, on the plus side, gives you a simple yes or no reply. As certain cases are not 100% possible, though, this design limits the authenticity of the tarot cards and how much details may be given for the reader by the tarot cards.
  2. The second problem when you read tarot on a single card is that you usually need to see more than one card to grasp what’s happening. Remember, a tarot reading is always about energy, and energy is always on the move: two cards have more movement than a single card that can interact. That is why, whenever you decide to ask tarot cards a question yes/no, normally you put at least three cards. The response is yes whether the cards are all upright or partially upright and all of the cards are fine. If two cards land upright, it’s likely, and the tarot reader should also see in which directions the tarot cards landed. The answer is not likely, or no, if the tarot cards are not upright. The answer is also unlikely or unlikely if all cards land or all cards are cards with a negative energy effect.
  3. You now have an easy one or 3-card layout that can be used with a yes / no question to obtain guidance from tarot cards. The most popular tarot card layout would probably be the Cross, also known as the Celtic Cross if it could not be answered by a yes or a No. 
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