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Over the past few years, the Tarot card has been gaining immense recognition around the world. It seems this ancient method of getting insight about the past, present, and future is finally getting its lost popularity back. However, digitalization has brought few changes to it. Like now, you don’t need to physically pay a visit to the psychic to get your reads done. You can just visit online Tarot reading sites to get your tarot readings through any smart device. These sites have made the tarot reading process very easy and transparent, but still, there are some sites misusing this area to scam by fooling people on the name of tarot experts. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the right resources to get your tarot reading online. To save time and make your lives easier, we’ve prepared the list of 10 best free tarot reading sites that are tested, trustworthy and reliable

List of websites With Free Minutes & Best Free Tarot Card reading Sites For Accurate Readings

Here is the list of the ten websites of best online tarot reading sites with free minutes and discounts along with short descriptions. You can use the following site for online tarot reading purposes. 

1. Psychic Source 

Psychic Source is among the big names in the online Tarot reading industry. The reliability and impeccability of Psychic Source can be measured by their experience of over 30 years in the Tarot reading field. Founded back in 1989, this site is providing the most accurate predictions and results to its clients. The site offers a wide range of specialization assortments people can choose from, such as love, relationship, life, career, and much more.

There are more than 350 Tarot Experts you can connect with any time via phone, chat, and video conference. These professionals go through a strict screening process before their profile gets live on the site. What gives this site a well-earned edge over the other online Tarot reading sites is its top-quality customer services and amazing pricing. If the user is not satisfied with the results, they can contact customer services and get a full amount refund with any question asked. Also, people get three free minutes and a discount of 75% on new registration. Visit Psychic Source

2. Onlinetarotreadings.net

Online Tarot Readings has gained so much popularity over a short time span. The reason behind the love this site is receiving from Tarot lovers is its services. It has got everything a tarot reader is looking for. You can get free predictions about your relationship, love, and career. Its well-curated descriptions make it easy for the reader to understand the results. Also, you can see unbiased reviews about different Tarot sites on this site. So, if you’re looking to spend money to use the services of any paid tarot reading site or tarot experts, it would be a wise choice to check reviews on Onlinetarotreading.net because the online tarot reading industry is getting overcrowded lately, and the scam rate has been increasing. 

3. PsychicOz

PsychicOz is the place for authentic psychics. So, if you’re wondering what might happen next in your life or trying to solve any mystery, this site should be your go-to place. The expert psychics on this site will help you to solve any matter that is disturbing or blocking your progress in life. Be it about your relationship with your partner or what your crush thinks about you, financials, or career-related matters. Psychic provides the users 24/7 access, so nobody has to wait. Users can connect to the psychic via email, phone, online chat. 

This site offers three free minutes and 70% off on new registration. Other than that, the services are highly affordable and Opening an account is totally free . Visit PsychicOZ

4. Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics has earned a solid reputation with over 30 million users and 21 years of impeccable services in the online tarot reading market. Their authentic predictions and results are the reason why a huge number of people have preferred this site and are still using it for purposes of psychic readings, guidance for different areas such as finance, relationships, and career. Their most popular service is about love card reading and relationship guidance. The site is filled with various professionals who provide excellent counseling to people confused about their partners or trying to bring clarity to their relationship. This company’s best feature that makes them stand out from other Tarot sites is there are no language barriers. Users from all over the world can get assistance in several languages they find convenient. 

Now, you might be thinking that Keen Psychics would charge hefty fees for such excellent services, but it’s not true. Their services are unbelievably affordable. You can get a free tarot reading for the first 3 minutes, and after that, pay as little as $1.99 for 10 minutes! Isn’t that amazing? Visit Keen

5. Oranum

Oranum is another online tarot reading community where you can connect with the most authentic psychics, tarot experts, healers, astrologers, and many other professionals, all under a single website. These professionals are well tested and experienced as Oranum ensures to provide the most accurate results and guidance to its users. Also, there are user ratings and language information right below the profiles of the professionals, which makes it easy to pick the right expert for your counseling session. 

You can get 24/7 support on different matters like plan reading, love, career, interpretation of dreams, astrology, etc., from this site. Oranum offers free 3 minutes at the start and a credit of $9.99 to the new users upon registration. Visit Oranum

6. Kasamba

Every tarot reader has come across Kasamba once or more for online tarot readings. Kasamba has been providing reliable services for the past 20 years. They have accomplished a huge customer base. Their popular service areas are love tarot card reading and relationship analysis. The good thing about Kasamba is the user’s security. They let users stay anonymous. They have a very user-friendly interface. Users can access the site through iOS and Android apps as well. Kasamba offers the first 3 minutes absolutely free and later 70% off for the new users. The only drawback of Kasamba is they don’t provide cash returns if the customer is not satisfied with their services like few other online tarot reading sites. 

7. Tarot.com

Tarot.com is an authentic free online tarot reading site where you can get software-based tarot reading results. It has over 4 million users from different parts of the world, which makes it a good option for a free tarot reading online. Apart from tarot reading, you can get insights from your horoscope. This site is developed by the software designer Paul O’Brien who belongs to an award-winning group and several other multimedia titles.

8. Darktarot.com

If you want to get detailed tarot reading from an astrological perspective for free, Darktarot is the right place for you. This site uses the birth chard to provide guidance to people struggling with any matters related to love, career, financials. You can also find meanings of different tarot cards and the history of tarot on this site as well. Darktarot.com is owned by Amy Moreno, who belongs to a family background of astrologists. 

9. Tarotschool.com

As the name suggests, Tarotschool is a place to learn tarot reading online. This site provides an excellent online tarot learning environment where students can visit and improve their knowledge about Tarot cards. It was founded back in 19995 with a core goal of spreading Tarot education. Also, the people who are not interested in completing a full six-week tarot course can get a free tarot reading from this site. 

10. Learntarot.com

If you’re someone looking for a source to learn all the fundamentals about Tarot reading, Leantarot.com is exactly the perfect place for you. This site offers a very easy course on tarot reading which aims to educate you enough to understand the tarot cards and their interpretations. 

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